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SBIA is the Official Representative in Greece of the company Plasticband Maturi SA (packing machines made ​​in Barcelona)

  • Increase your production in numbers and quality with a Plasticband machine.

- www.plasticband.com


Our Company participates in the
ADAW Project
(Anaerobic Digestion for Animal Waste)

- ADAW 1
- ADAW 2

SBIA supports willingness

- worldvespa.wordpress.com
- vespower.blogspot.gr
What can we do for you?
Something more than just another automation project.

  • We can study and develop the tool that will take your production to another level.
  • Install fast and accurate even the most demanding and time consuming applications.
  • We can decrease your production cost at significant levels.
  • Give new breath to your machinery.
  • We can propose solutions for known or not production problems.
  • Develop and implement unique systems for special applications.
  • We can support after sales at any need that might arise.
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S.Bi.A. guarantees the finest service, improvement, upgrade and maintenance of machinery for the following packaging purposes:

  • polyethylene film
  • aluminum
  • cardboard
  • shrinking
  • palletting
  • filling - bottling

With our uniquely designed smart systems and our know-how, we can provide you with solutions in situations, such as:

  • wastage
  • badly-packaged products
  • production stoppage
  • failure
  • high cost/return ratio
  • old technology machinery
  • the need for conversion or addition of machine or production process
  • the location of spare parts and fittings
  • the need for remote or supervisory control
  • the need for specialized technical support

S.Bi.A. Industrial Control Automation Greece |PLC, SCADA Factory Automation, Robotics Mechanism, Packaging & Manufacturing Process Control Systems

Smart Solutions for the Modern Industry

SBIA is a technical-trading company located in Greece and specializes in industrial automation and production improvement. PLCs, SCADA, HMI, process know how, specialized industrial techniques and products are some of SBIA's qualifications. We are a Siemens automation registered and qualified integrator as also collaboration partner with many well established businesses in the area, manufacturers, experts as also Universities and research centers. With more than 250 special reference projects with top results and production impact, we are aiming at your best service with high efficiency products.

We provide complete turnkey automation systems
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We deal with providing complete catalog of industrial and building automation products meeting the needs of all modern industries. We also have a stock of automation products presented in the Siemens catalogue, including even the most particular and rare ones from lines which are no longer manufactured. Thus, we always provide you with trustworthy solutions in an immediate and cost-effective way.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of packaging machine and industrial automation conversion and improvement, both in Greece and abroad, S.Bi.A. can guarantee for your company an immediate response to any of your demands. With perfectly organized order and distribution departments combined with our competitive rates we aim at increasing our productivity and thus offer you the assistance you are looking for. At S.Bi.A. we stand out for designing smart systems which can be innovatively applied in industries of all types, offering solutions to any production problem.
Automations Innovations Services
S.Bi.A Industrial Automation Projects
S.Bi.A Industrial Automation Projects
S.Bi.A Industrial Automation Projects
Our clients are guaranteed improvement of their company’s production efficiency by helping them achieve these goals...

Our specialization in packaging machines and procedures has rendered us one of the pioneering companies in this field We provide a series of specialized services that will offer you substantial solutions
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We accept any challenge and have an excellent collaboration with manufacturers from Northern Europe that enables us to provide comprehensive solutions, even in the most specialized cases.

We provide high-quality technical support, industrial automation and packaging machines, specializing in programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces (HMI), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), ac/ac inverters, and more, contributing to the smooth and effective operation of your industry.
We engineer on demand automations software and electric motion or robotics mechanisms for production machines applications and installation, measuring length or volume or archiving products. Also, we reconstruct or convert old machines or new to full automatic robotic or motion detection with millimeter detail for most of product categories.

Our experience in the area of automations and the 100% successful projects until now place us ahead at the Greek market and comparable to the rest of automation manufactures. At many cases it didn’t require to buy or fabricate any new machines, but the detailed planning and application of our knowledge and patents which we hold, in already installed production machines.

We apply techniques for saving raw materials and energy in industrial facilities and converting machinery to produce new volume or morphological products.
We improve any kind of automatic machine, import and convert text messages and indications of HMI in GREEK or any other language. Also, we add when you need extra safety, or messages for production and usage statistics to facilitate operator or service technician.

We support the industry by constantly upgrading our services and our products and at the same time we invest in research and technology shaping and generating high utility products and expertise.

We have manufacture a special product which reduces the electricity consumption, thus the cost, from the resistive heater elements, up to 40%, which are used in packaging machines or thermoforming machines or stoves, ovens etc. which are used in most industries.

For more information contact with us at our mail [email protected]

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